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    However, this segment when he first entered the ball, not seven seconds, Heihe team over there, they have to play with a five goal.At this time, a Gonge again to open a palette, the palette was actually a milky paste something that Gonge carefully the things that got the cream on Yang Zheng toothbrush, looked at him, blushing He said: "Your Highness, can wash up?" Yang Zheng looked milky paste on toothbrush, heart: "Could it be this is the toothpaste can be looked nothing like ah??" Was about to ask, aside Chen Wu actually the first step, and said: "Your Highness, this is the people I used ripening incense, Jian Hong, inc wholesale nba jerseys for sale ense half a catty, sandalwood, guaiac, Agastache, nard, musk, A Hong, lilac leather thirty-two above pounded spices powder, sesame oil together with the Soviet Union and cooked honey into a paste ointment, for the first time today I let people use it to His Royal Highness? " Yang Zheng not stupid, can not find where words remind Chen Wu, he was afraid of asking questions flaws exposed, fixed look at him and nodded and began scrubbing.Fengyang team that the coach watching their three players did not get the ball to flutter Xu Ruolong heart of a radical, cried: "No.All-Star game, like the style 9XL Jersey of this era abbreviation, round offensive rhythm very quickly, but not all choose the third shot.

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