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What is Guild Keep?
Guild Keep is the first network of it's kind. We hope to connect all MMORPG players together in one massive network. Whether you're a guild leader looking for a host, a guild member looking to connect, or just looking for your home in a new guild, Guild Keep has something for everyone.
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With Guild Keep creating a guild is simple and convenient.
Recruit New Members
Recruit new members into your guild, set an open recruitment, or require an application first
Stay Connected
Keep up to date on your guilds, their members, raid times, events, and more!
Create a Home
With this much power and convenience, who needs a website? Make Guild Keep your guild's new home.
Look at all the things Guild Keep has to offer.
Simple, clean, and convenient. Our network is dedicated to being the premiere host for all guilds and guild members in every MMO.
Start a guild, make a blog, chat with friends, share your tales, take your guild with you on the go. All are possible with Guild Keep.
If you are currently running a guild somewhere else we want you!
Let us know what we need to do to get you to join!
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